The Experience

Welcome to Wow.  The latest in SaaS based technology meets good ol' fashioned customer service. To you, Choice Payroll may be named Kelly, Andrew, or Amy. That's right, no robots, phone trees, or call centers,  You’ll be working with a real person – a highly trained, highly certified HCM Advisor dedicated to you and your company.




Say goodbye to complex and poorly designed "cloud-based systems", and service that makes you want to scream.  At Choice Payroll, your dedicated HCM Advisor is your first-line resource for every aspect of your experience. Match that with our simple cloud-based workforce management platform that manage everything from hire to retire, and you have a winning formula. Our entire staff is trained and certified with a CPP designation so we are there to provide helpful tips and best practices as well. 


From the very beginning, we embrace simplicity. Converting to Choice Payroll is a simple process because we do all the work for you. It starts with your HCM Consultant who is a highly trained transition expert. They will work with you to create an ideal solution that fits your unique organization and will gather all the necessary information needed to process your first payroll. Are you currently with ADP or Paychex? Great, we have transition guide specifically for them and will even help you terminate your old service.  Call us today for a free quote see how easy it is to make the switch!

"After almost ten years with a much larger payroll service, we are enjoying the attention to detail and responsiveness that we receive from the staff at Choice Payroll”

                               - David Persson The School Box, Inc