Time & Attendance

TimeForce Time & Attendance tools provide a flexible way for you to automate work time records while offering full integration with our award winning HCM platform. 

Small Clock

It's About Time

  • Customized solutions for singe or multiple locations
  • An end-to-end solution from punch-in to payroll
  • A variety of input devices available
  • Track Variable Hour Employees for ACA compliance


Time Is Money

For most businesses, tracking the hours worked by employees and translating that into a payroll check can be a big task. Our time and attendance tools replace manual methods of tracking with electronic clocks or internet-based systems. With manual tracking methods, human error, and audit costs that lost time can really add up. An average small business can save 1-4% of their annual payroll costs simply by automating their time and attendance.


Brochure - TimeForce Overview