Human Resources

A Wealth of HR Information at Your Fingertips  |   PDF Brochure 

Introducing the new HR Support Center. With all the recently passed legislation in the last 12 months, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the ever-changing employment laws, regulations and practices. In recent years, employment litigation has risen over 2,000% and there are over 7,000 federal code sections with over 40,000 pages of regulations. For many businesses, keeping ahead of this constant change is a daunting task. Walking (walkingsmall.jpg)

Fortunately, Choice Payroll now offers a solution to help you optimize employee productivity and minimize your exposure to costly lawsuits and audits.  Our new HR Support Center will get your business up to HR speed with a customizable employee handbook, pre-written HR forms & letters, email alerts of applicable law changes to your business, customizable job descriptions, and much more. For as little as $10 per month, we will provide you with a quick 3 Minute HR Audit, termination and hiring guides, news, articles and a glossary of HR terms. Best of all, the information comes without unnecessary fluff. It’s focused, helpful, and to the point. Perfect for a busy small business owner.

Standard HR Service Includes:

  • Employee Handbook
  • Breaking HR News & Email Alerts
  • State & Federal Employment Laws
  • Best Practices Articles
  • Customizable Job Descriptions
  • Ask the HR Pro Question of the Month
  • Employment Posters
  • HR / Business News Articles
  • Customizable HR Forms & Letters
  • Glossary of HR Terms
  • Questions & Answers Database


The HR On-Demand Option

Looking for a little more support? The optional upgrade to our Choice Payroll HR On-Demand Service provides immediate and unlimited access to a team of HR professionals for a flat monthly fee of $30. They research your specific requests and provide you with thorough answers—all within 24 hours. The can customize all of your HR forms, job descriptions, and employee handbook specificially for your business and industry. For less than what you might spend on coffee per month, you get a dedicated, On-Demand, HR Pro to answer you emails and calls. When posed with hiring, firing, FMLA, harassment, discrimination, and other workplace questions you’re not alone any more.

HR On-Demand Includes:

  • All Standard HR Services (Above)
  • Unlimited Personal HR Consultation
  • Customized HR Forms
  • E-mail & Phone Support
  • Personalized Handbook Development
  • Job Descriptions for Your Business
  • Customized HR Letters
  • 24hr Response time



"My HR Support Center has saved me time and bottom-line money! I love my informative conversations with the consultants and appreciate knowing that answers are at my fingertips!"

Tina Estrada

HR Manager,