Employee Benefits

Whether you are looking to offer benefits for the first time or trying to get more out of your current plan, we are here to help. Through our network of partnerships, we are able to bring you some of the best plans in the industry at a fraction of the cost.



We help you choose the best plan for your business, enroll your employees, and deliver ongoing support through our partnerships with national and regional insurers.



POPs reduce employee taxes as well as employer taxes. By paying their share of group insurance premiums with tax-free dollars, employees save 25% to 40% depending on their tax bracket. Employers typically save on the matching Social Security (FICA) and Federal unemployment taxes of nearly 8%.



The FSA is similar to the POP, while it allows you to create a menu of pre-tax options including, commuter, medical, and dependent care as well as create employee accounts from which they can pay for related out-of-pocket expenses. Our FSAs even offer a debit card for employees to access their pre-tax monies.